Today I’m reading Confabulations by Jon Berger.


Stair railings are slides. Balconies are posts from which to scramble down or drop things.

Pages 34-35 offers a way of life I always believed in, and in this book I’ve found a mutual companion to climb balconies. Furthermore (pretentiousness means I’ve been writing too many essays), I happened to watch Love in the Afternoon (1957) the same day as reading these pages, and if Audrey Hepburn makes climbing balconies look graceful, it must be a sign.

falling for breakfast – flowers are always the right answer

The Art of Falling in this book draws on the careful art of clowning and the talent of Charlie Chaplin. The next day as I’m trying to be productive in the library I come across a couple classics on DVD: Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton – comedic pioneers the both of them. Walking home, the local Tesco has a bouquet of lilies & roses on offer quite literally one tenth of the original price. I exit the shop with a bouquet twice as big as my head, accepting that the day has brought me in for a date night by myself.

I love letting the city take me on a date. Store Street is one of those magical streets where you find everything you need on that one street.


Flowers, Store St. Espresso, a musical serenade, Treadwell’s books, the friendly Greek deli where the owner tells you his life story upon entering.


Windows are for throwing things or climbing through.


Any step taken is likely to be  a mistake, so take it with style to distract from the probable shit.

And in my black turtleneck shirt I sip my flat white and pretend to look like I know what I am doing.





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