My Day: A Representative Collection

8:53am – A Bad Start


9:05am – Breakfast with Vladimir

To The Grapefruit

Resplendent fruit, so weighty and so glossy,

exactly, like a full-blown moon you shine;

hermetic vessel of unsweet ambrosia

and aromatic coolness of white wine.

The lemon is the pride of Syracuse,

Mignon yields to the orange’s delights,

but you alone are fit to quench the Muse

when, thirsty, she has come down from her heights.

[Vladimir Nabokov]

11:42am – Coffee with Vladimir


2:46pm – A Trip to the Museum

Ludgate Circus: Entrance to the City (November, Midday) c.1910 by Jacques-Emile Blanche 1861-1942
at the Tate Britain

3:20pm – A Walk in the Park

Russell Square

5:00pm – “Excuse me, are you French?”

Other people’s clothes

8:05pm – Tate Modern

Glass Tears

10:57pm – Cold

Coming Home

11:13pm – Remembering We Live in London



what can I do

when the night comes


I break into stars.


[Nayyirah Waheed]




2 thoughts on “15/1/2017

  1. Hey, that’s a good song. How have I never heard it before?


    1. Leon Bridges is a rather new artist even though he has an old school sound. ‘Brown Skin Girl’ is another one of my favourites 🙂


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