clear thinking

Monday Morning – Fleetwood Mac.

The sun has come out and we really did make it through to 2017.

Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground.

The first day of the year was a rainy affair, sort of easing us out of the mess of 2016. I listened to the subdued tune, in a subdued mood, watching the cleansing rain come down outside. Later in the day, the ground became a most wonderfully shimmering reflection of the city lights.

Despite all the worldly chaos that has happened this past year, my last week of it was a peaceful and happy. Celebrating Christmas with the family was a lovely way to kiss the year goodbye. I hope everyone else got the chance to be with loved ones and throw all cares aside for a day or two.

With a lot of bright lights and some extravagant poses, here is what the holidays looked like in Helsinki.









“So we beat on, boats against the current.” –The Great Gatsby

Never mind the rest of the quote. This’ll do.


Goodbye 2016 – still wearing a party hat because life is a party.





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