I haven’t written on these pages in a while. Still alive and kicking, though. Still caffeinated. Most of all, still staying afloat in the whirlpool of London. Life as it stands right now while I sit in the Scooter Cafe petting the cat and matching the mismatched interior can be summed up as follows: I’m exactly halfway through my first degree and the best book is The Book of Longing by the late, great Leonard Cohen.

It is – surprise – gray and drizzly outside. Some days I am drizzle too; today I’m thinking of all things bright and colourful. Today I am orange and flowers and popping: popping in to say Hi, I hope you’re all fine and popping with colours amidst the city grime.


The Book of Longing


Waterloo Bridge


Me, rushing underground


remembering it is pointless to rush – Kensal Green Cemetery


pink & slow 


pink skies – Bloomsbury

So the days bring whatever they may and all I know for sure is what I am today.


Somerset House




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