The Colours of Monday

Woke up this morning feeling like rain. Like gray clouds and the sound of The Smiths.

Like wearing pajamas all day.


Now the sun is setting and I feel like the pink of the horizon and the sound of Fleetwood Mac.

Pick yourself up, I tell myself in the morning, and drag your sad bones and bruised feelings out of bed and colour in that blue.

I slip on my new skirt from a charity shop in Notting Hill – a little less blue.

Paired with big and glossy black heels – a tinge of silver.

Hop on the bus to Dillon’s coffee even though I’m off work today. Let myself be held by my fellow baristas for a golden few minutes.

A shot (four) of espresso, a window seat, mellow lilac thoughts.

A Streetcar Named Desire. Red hot.

A rooftop. The colour of twinkling hazel eyes.



Strolling back home in the evening sun munching on watermelon, the only blue I can see is high up in the sky. Now in the sunset the city lights up and the sky is blushing. The colour of content.




2 thoughts on “The Colours of Monday

  1. Beautiful pictures to match beautiful words!


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