It is well into May, I’ve finished my first year of university (where did it go?). The Wistarias are in bloom.



It is warm and the summer air smells of something like freedom.


After the stress and whirlwind of exams I needed a quick getaway. A change of scenery and all that. I booked a coach to Canterbury so Courteney could show me around her hometown for a couple days, and we could forget about the overpopulated buzz of London streets and about all things academic.

An hour into my journey and I felt like Mary Poppins hopping into a painting; the lush green fields and the rolling hills were endless and every curve of the road was like turning the page of a storybook.

In Canterbury, the two of us went around and, there is no other accurate word for it but, we frolicked. We frolicked up trees and down canals, along the seaside and into cute coffee shops.




I made friends..

hello friend
my coffee date
even the post-boxes are friendly

And climbed things.


we got tired too
so tired

The English countryside feels lightyears away from central London. All the space, all the green, all the time and no rushing.


Now, back in the city I’m right back to running around and seeing everything while I still live next to the London Eye. I like the fields and the cobblestones, but only for a moment. This city keeps me from going mad.



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