Bleak & Bright


What a bleak morning. Hid under my covers, I’m listening to the howling wind outside and Pink Floyd inside. Today will be slow, filled with old books and medieval essays. I believe the more my books are falling apart, the more I am together.

“We are all books because we have spines and stories to tell.”

Yesterday could not have been more different. A perfectly bright Friday and I could not keep myself inside four walls. Finally, the trees are showing a hint of green and it’s warm enough to sit outside and read a book in the gardens. A truly important day. They say nobody likes change, but I am more than ready to see something other than gray, dead trees.



I do love my Fridays. I always take the time to discover something new. It keeps me from growing old too fast. Let’s see.

I’ve never had breakfast at a pub before.

Found the highest points of campus.

Maughan Library
when you don’t know which is prettier, the view or the baguette

Tried this funky looking, fresh cinnamon roll from Soho.


Cried and laughed at the same time as I paid half my weight in gold for this (delicious) meal.

couldn’t even recognize what I was eating

I also don’t want to get trapped in the mentality that I must always be chasing something, some elusive happiness or fulfillment; to chase my life away and find myself in the same place I started. So each night I write down a few things that made me happy during the day (there is always something). And every Monday I start with this video.




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