A Perfect Friday

12835020_10153299976017312_102169694_nAfter many days of deadlines, sleep deprivation, and rain, I had a great Friday.

This week got so tough. Finally I was at the point of just begging for life to give this one little human a break and, more than anything, some sleep. Sleep is so important. Something just kept coming up and I kept getting caught outside in the pouring rain.

Symbolically enough, the sun came around with Friday morning. It peeked in brightly and gently through my window, reminding me how all my coursework was done and I’d gotten a great night’s sleep. I felt like a new person.

So on this blissful Friday I took my friend to a teensy and adorable Swedish Bakery in Covent Garden, Bageriet, which smelled like home with its cinnamon buns and beautiful tasting flat whites. St. Paul’s churchyard was the perfect little green hideout tucked away within bustling Covent Garden to sip our coffees in.

happiness is a cinnamon bun

Then I got a monstrous box of Cheerios for half price from Tesco. I am equipped to feed a small army and have never felt more successful as a student.



On my way home I got snatched up by another friend on Waterloo Bridge. We found ourselves a windowsill overlooking rooftops and the river and up there in the sun the city looks like a thoroughly happy place.

Finally I got home to nap with my adorable flatmate and discover that my one class of the day was cancelled. Life did give me a break. So after a bit more nap I took a cup of tea to the library to catch up on reading and didn’t feel like I was racing with the clock.


My wild Friday night I spent doing nothing much at all with my favourite people on Stamford Street. It’s been a while since we got to do a bit of healthy nothing together.


taking a break

A well-rested life is a happy life. Thank you world for giving me a perfect Friday.




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