A Day in a Bubble

20 minutes of popping bubble wrap and I’ve managed to finally pull myself off my bedroom floor.

Walking an hour in the wind and rain, reading plays and theories till your brain begins to melt, and a night spent tossing and turning after watching Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) in class is all distinctly unsettling. So I’ve been popping myself to serenity.

settling words from the city

It’s cozy here in my little room decked with fairy lights and polaroid pictures. And more than ever, I’m enjoying the feeling of not living alone. Evenings here are made for gathering around the kitchen table with a deck of cards and a handful of good friends. Add a cup of tea or a drink and some Chuck Berry, and everyone comes alive for these evenings.

the days are getting longer

The mornings are made for slow cups of coffee and one-word conversations. If the sun is out, you must go take a lovely long walk along the river. Fun fact: the one thing I learned in my classes is that the concept of going out for a walk was accidentally invented in 1336 by a man called Petrarch(my hero).


a two-hour detour on my way to the library

The rest of the time we either study, nap, or explore. Or all three. At once.


And then resort back to bubble wrap.

wrapped up in our own bubble





1 thought on “A Day in a Bubble

  1. Lovely Photos ! I adore the phone booth quote *inserts hundreds of heart eye emojis*


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