And just like that, I’m back in London. Back under my fluffy covers with my elephant mug and the brick houses outside my window.


At first I was not thrilled about the prospect of returning to the land of dark and cold and no scones. But of course, I had a lovely little holiday. It’s always the people that make the place and I have a big bunch of those in Finland. I had a pleasantly busy schedule that made me appreciate some people who’ve been in my life up to a decade and more. Seeing as Christmas is the time of family, I can’t overlook what a lovely one I have.


family portrait

Even Helsinki decided to show us its good side just two days before I left and I fell back in love with winter.


And we mustn’t forget my beloved White Church.


That is two weeks. Free food and Christmas gone. Happy I went and happy I am back. Now it’s just waiting for the New Year. Two days more.





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