The Weekend in London

St. James' Park
St. James’ Park

It’s a beautiful first day of November. The whole weekend has been hazy. Halloween came and went, a pumpkin was carved, and reading week is over. Back down to Earth tomorrow.

or I could just stay up here

For a few days one of my dear friends from France came to stay and in showing her around I got to have a little holiday myself. London is one of those places you can see and wonder at for the first time over and over again. Annie got a warm welcome of rain and London fog – typical. This blurry weather we used as a blanket against the time that we knew would run out quickly. The polaroid pictures and the ukulele songs stand out sharp in the blur.


Now they’ve tainted my walls and I wake up to the sun shining on rainy memories.


When the sun came out we ran out into London with open arms, ukulele-clad. (Turns out a ukulele in London will get you free fruit.) I knew I had to show Annie my designated zen spot: Fountain Court. This place is beautiful, serene, and friendly any time of day. It’s like a little bubble of peace in a big rushing city. I think life gets a lot better when you figure out where to go when your head is so cluttered you don’t know left from right. London will do that to you. As much as it can drive me crazy, it also keeps me sane, its upbeat rhythm. In London I feel like anything can happen and that’s important. You’re living in the right place when it feels anything is possible.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the Sunday market.




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