Day 8: It Begins

Exactly one week in foggy London town!


Monday and first day of lectures. It begins. I’ve started mapping down the local coffee shops to escape to on such dark occasions as Monday mornings.

Fleet Street Press
Kaffeine, Marble Arch

University life so far? Long nights and more than a butt load of reading. It wasn’t the nicest surprise to find out yesterday that we need to have a 500 page novel read for tomorrow. Or that laundry costs 2.50 a cycle? Can I spend a year in filth as protest?

The rest of the surprises have been nice. In fact, they’ve been amazing. The freshers fair got a bit out of hand and I now find myself a part of at least 20 societies: tea society, cheese society, French society, Scandinavian society, ukulele society, literary society, musical theatre…. and more.

the view from campus is alright
the view from campus is alright

Film Arts means bringing back 35mm films and on-campus screenings. Which in turn means that spending 3 hours of the night huddled under a Toy Story blanket with uni friends watching short films counts as studying. Unfortunately, spending half of the night sitting on the Thames riverbank playing ukuleles until the tide chases you away counts as nothing but… loving our new life. London, university, friends.


It is the time to make things happen. That really gets me. So many firsts and lessons, all the new forevers, the new once-upon-a-times. These are the days we will look back on and remember forever; we are creating key moments right now. 

Now, listening to the sounds drifting in through my window; the coming and going of trains, the light rain and conversation, and occasional horse hooves and opera even, I can’t think of a better place than London to do just that.

SoHo wisdom
SoHo wisdom




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