London: Day 1

Tired. Tumultuous. Exhilarated.


A quick and hectic departure and an early morning flight have left me feeling all kinds of things. I keep rubbing my eyes because I can’t quite believe it’s really London I’m seeing in front of me. And also because I’m so tired my eyes are actually red and hardly staying open but that’s not what’s important here. The important thing is I AM IN LONDON, I got here without any problems (the problems must be hiding somewhere), and have settled into my little room I now call home. And it feels like home and I love it.

First things first I got my enrolment with the university done, complete with a hideous new photo ID card – who in the world is ever prepared for a portrait photo after sleeping four hours and flying to another country and lugging 20+ kilos of luggage in the rain through the city, I mean… That’s just not fair. Second things second I went extreme home makeover on my Basic Beyond Belief room and transformed it from a soulless box into a charming little nook, a corner in London that I can call home and that looks like me.


It was really adorable actually, first stumbling into my room. There was a brand new King’s College knapsack waiting for me on the desk filled with all kinds of goodies. Most thoughtful of them was the deck of playing cards, the can of energy drink (subtle signs?), and in case I wasn’t sure I really was in England, a small pot of marmite to top it off. I’m telling you, it’s the thought that counts! Not the taste!

And now, exploring time! There is so much to explore! I won’t even get the chance to get bored in all the three years here with these endlessly fascinating alleys, gardens, and shops. I stepped out of my building; the London Eye winked at me over the rooftops across the street. I took an experimental walk to my campus, across Waterloo Bridge, and screamed silently to myself, “THIS DOESN’T EVEN TAKE FIVE MINUTES” while gazing at the entire city unfolding around in every direction.


King's College London Strand Campus
King’s College London Strand Campus

Sidenote: my university is pretty.

I’m utterly pleased that as my plane landed the weather was characteristically horrid. Pelting down big fat drops of gray rain, the kind that soaks you in three seconds. I did need a shower. The grayer the clouds, the brighter my boots shine red. It rather seems the skies have not been able to make up their mind today. By the time I was ready to step out in the afternoon, the sun was bright as ever. Then it rained again. Then the sun came out again.


I scraped the surface of my neighbourhood by now; the Thames river is my backyard and Waterloo Station is my next door neighbour. The rest of my days will be filled with finding my local life, my happy places, and all the adventures within.

open-air book market


Now finally, it’s time for some people. This is university after all, and it’s freshers week.




2 thoughts on “London: Day 1

  1. Wow enjoy… How long are you here for? London is a beautiful city and England a lovely country


    1. It is absolutely beautiful and vibrant and if everything goes to plan I’ll be here at least three years doing my BA 🙂


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