Me & My Ukulele


I’ve got a nose and two eyes and two ears, naturally. I’ve got a left arm and five fingers at the end. I’ve got a right arm and I’ve got a ukulele. What would I do without my ukulele? Well, roam the streets at 1 in the morning with tears streaming down my face as it turns out. This was one time in the summer I thought I’d lost the apple of my eye for good. It was utter shock horror and accordingly, it was one of the most emotional and joyful reunions of my life when it came back in a box in the mail (long story..).

People generally do some way or another eventually find their own thing and that may be drawing or maxi skirts or history books or anything. Finding your thing is perhaps reminiscent of the feeling when you find the last piece of a daunting puzzle and pop it into place. I am the girl with ukulele and my pieces are in place (in that area at least).

My fingers are still slightly tender from all the playing I’ve been doing.

I play on the riverbank and 50 cents falls from the sky – a kindly gentleman passing by on the bridge above me threw down a tip. Startling, as I didn’t see another person around, but a lovely surprise nonetheless.


My brilliant friend Annie & I got invited to play at Arkadia International Bookshop and had an absolutely great time singing ourselves hoarse up to the performance day. Ukuleles and old books and complimentary tea… Perfect? Perfect.

Arkadia International Bookshop
Arkadia International Bookshop

The adventures continue. I lugged my ukulele and amplifier across Helsinki to the middle of nowhere – it’s crazy how deserted and deep in the woods our capital city can get. Such a cute little country Finland is. This Middle of Nowhere ended up being a magnificent night indeed. Me & my ukulele performed at the 50th birthday hoopla of three lovely ladies, at a most breathtaking venue. They rented a villa on the seaside and turned it into a happy little world of their own with lots of food, fairy lights, and overall merriment. Apparently a girl singing and playing a ukulele is a very trendy thing to find? The two of us had a great time and made a lot of weird & wonderful friends.



It just gets me how much my ukulele(s) have brought to my life and how much more of the world they have allowed me to discover. And how many irreplaceable people they have brought into my life.

Time for us to take on London together.




3 thoughts on “Me & My Ukulele

  1. Hi,
    If you’re coming to London, do feel free to visit our uke group on a Tues eve for our fun & friendly weekly sessions (full details on the site in my signature block). Or just get in touch if you’d like any local ukeing info etc 🙂


    1. Oh fantastic, thank you for letting me know!! Sounds perfect 🙂

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  2. What a magical journey you and your ukulele had, thanks for sharing.

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