The Next Chapter

Between sunsets and ukulele gigs and work, there is a constant reality closing in on me. Not in an ominous way, but in an exciting way. It’s a reality that is constantly proving itself more and more real. I am packing up my belongings and moving away to the city of London to begin university studies. In exactly two weeks. Holy crap??!? E-mails from King’s College keep reminding me that this is actually happening.

I’ve never moved between countries before! How do I fit my life into a couple suitcases?

These mysteries throw themselves upon my shoulders and though unraveling them is a muddle, London is closer and closer in time and I can feel myself settling in. As I roll down on the escalator to the offensively orange Helsinki metro, I see the bazillions of London musical posters that will line the escalators of the Tube. I walk into the K-market to pick up a Karelian pie and see a Sainsbury’s fruit scone.

I see a blank canvas and a new chapter itching to be written.


These last weeks have been lost in summer. Blue skies & hot sun all day? Seems like a good note to leave the country on. Four shooting stars in one night? That, I would say, is a good sign and I am taking it.








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