The Mathematics of Stargazing

The stars are out tonight. I’m glad to have them back. They are so small and massive at the same time and I feel like that too sometimes. In any case, any place, always twinkling.

“We have oxygen in our lungs and iron in our veins, carbon in our bones and nitrogen in our veins. 93% stardust with souls made of flames, we are all just stars with people names.”


This is one of my absolute all time favourite quotes. I like to believe us human beings are all our own little piece of the galaxy; a little more complex and wondrous than 2+2=4. I know people who, instead of giggling or walking, they twinkle.

These are the kind of things I write down at night when the sun and people aren’t out to remind of the dishes I need to do or the tax office I need to call. I can never remember if I’ve slept or not these days. That’s okay, I’m not tired, I’m just too interested in noticing the world around me. I sit on this sixth floor windowsill for the sunsets and watch people passing by below and I notice them not noticing. No one takes the time or interest to look up at the windows, up away from directly where they’re headed. The people don’t wander or amble down the streets. They don’t notice the things I notice.


A saxophone player and an accordion player finding each other on the street at 2AM and throwing together a swinging duet. Unpopped bubblewrap floating down the road. A discarded to-do list in between the pages of a book (I hope this person remembered to go to the pharmacy). The stars. The silhouettes of two people in the middle of a serious conversation on a windowsill in a dark street. The cozy noise of a house party floating out the neighbouring window. An elephant.


Most of all, it baffles me how people walk facing down when the sun is bleeding its heart out onto the skies in a million colours.


That’s all I have time to jot down before I run off on another hundred errands (adventures) most likely forgetting to sleep again. I have just checked my calendar and realized I have a ukulele gig in two days. Ironically, our set list includes Slow It Down. I will try to.

Wish me luck.




2 thoughts on “The Mathematics of Stargazing

  1. Beautiful post. And it also baffles me how people don’t notice sunsets, the stars, the full moon… Sometimes I try to tell a friend, look, and they just stare at me, “At what?!” Happy to have come across this post! 🙂


    1. This comment made me smile… glad someone understands 🙂
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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