How To Be an Explorer


I stare at the keyboard of my laptop intently. It stares back at me, challenging me. I take a sip of my cinnamon latte and wait for the coffee to kick my words into motion. It’s been a while since I wrote and I’ve decided that a new corner of the city will provide me with a spark of inspiration.

Espresso Edge is four steps below street level and looks up and out onto the pavement where the streetcars pass by. The tables are chipped, the artwork on the walls make no sense, and the sofa I claimed is probably older than sliced bread. Lumps and all, it’s got character. The clutter helps me think; immaculately organized spaces contrast my jumbled thoughts too strongly.

Ah, here comes the caffeine. So grab yourself,

  • a backpack
  • a ukulele and a big hat if at all possible
  • an open mind
  • a camera and a cup of coffee
  • shoes optional
  • a sandwich

And I’ll tell you what’s up. It’s not that I can’t think of anything to write, au contraire! It’s that there is too much. I can’t choose what in particular to tell you and I wish to spare you a 10 000 word post. How do I stick to one topic? Where do I start?? The stories, the sunsets, the cats, the rooftops? The boys, the poems, the books… the weather?

what is summer
what is summer

I get bored and restless very easily and I do not tolerate this. I’m sure I’ve said this before; I’m terrified of wasting time. So I end up doing many many things. My first instinct when I’m not sure what to do is climb a roof. I feel a little bit untouchable and unconventionally safe if I’m up high enough.



The other weekend boredom had me grab the kitchen scissors and chop off a good bunch of hair off my head, a week ago I started teaching myself Greek. Last night this restlessness found me walking 10 kilometres from the centre of Helsinki to the Tapiola suburb. Because it was nice out. And it really was, the sunset over the seashore was so beautiful I wanted to cry. My phone ran out of battery too so I actually had the privilege of watching it with my own eyes solely, screw the camera lens. Though my feet are still killing me today, I consider it time well spent.


I go out to explore and find adventures. The great thing is, that if you stray even the slightest bit from your usual path and slow down even just a little to take in what is around you on the ground, up the walls, or in people’s expressions, great and fascinating discoveries come your way. Buying one-way tickets across the ocean is undoubtedly an adventure, but so is exploring the woods across the highway, and every little detail that delights you as a discovery.





Alright, that’s my coffee down. I’m off to pick up some Greek grammar books from the library and get lost on some unnamed beach.




1 thought on “How To Be an Explorer

  1. I new I recognized Senate Square in the background. I love coffee and posts about Finland.


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