Chasing the Sun

“We see something magnificent every day and somehow go on living.”


This sentence jumped out at me the other day from the page of a book I was reading while pleasantly perched in the corner of a cafe. It struck a chord. The sun, the moon, a happy melody. A smile. A million tiny molecules coming together in just the right order to result in your beautiful self casually walking around town.These things are always around; nothing less than magnificent. Always breath-takingly and heart-stoppingly beautiful if you let them be.

You see, this conversation happened between a friend and myself yesterday:

“I’m looking up the bus that gets me to the city in time to see the sunrise.”

“Are you serious… It’s so cold and aren’t you tired??”

“No, it’ll be worth it, I love the sunrise.”

“The sun rises every day you know.”

“That doesn’t make it any less beautiful.”

And so I trekked through the cold night, climbed up the steps of the church, and forgot about the cold and time itself as the sun climbed above the rooftops; shy at first, then a sudden burst of vibrant radiance. And I let my breath be taken, and I let my heart skip a beat. And if I did it again every day for the rest of my life I’d let that burst of radiance make me question real life every time. It takes forgetting time and life to remember magnificence. Images tell more than words so I’ll let my adventures speak for themselves.

14th floor sunset

14th floor sunset

rooftop sunrise

rooftop sunrise


6:39 AM

Good morning Helsinki

Good morning Helsinki




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