The world looks nice and green from London. It sure is refreshing to see the promise of summer around. It’s been quite the first three days here… I’ve hopped from one friend to the next each night, lugging my hippo of a backpack everywhere, probably shrinking my height by about two inches in the process. At least it’s good strength training, though I am tired. Even more so because I managed to get sick and lose my voice. I suspect I’ve been singing somewhat excessively…

OH NO I just spotted a lady wearing the same scarf as me. The nerve.

So London has been a handful after that sleepless overnight flight from New York City. I’m not sure if I’m justified in feeling this barely having experienced it, but I do miss the place already. Many great memories and friends from there.

Just before I left I found the time to climb up to a random penthouse apartment on 57th and knock on the door to ask for a sneak peek of the view off the balcony. I did not have $30 to spend on the tourist trap Top of the Rockefeller, you see. I explained to the kind lady that I live in Finland and wanted to see, first-hand, the true enormity of the city. She was rather amused at my wonder out on the balcony.

Then I got a hat.

This hat has been one of the best decisions ever, as it merits even more kindly interest and respect from passers by. I have discovered a new unspoken community among hat-bearers. Walking down the street we will smile at each other and knowingly, casually comment, “nice hat.”

And now I’m off to continue my wanders about bustling London, and add to this collection of discoveries.

waterloo station
odd angles at St. Pauls Cathedral
no less than 8 bookshops down one little alley




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