Stream of Consciousness

Train rides are so soothing. It’s like my mind is running along at the pace of the scenery rushing past, it’s like TV because you’re just sitting there watching something but it’s so much better because while you’re watching there’s room for a solid line of thought as well. TV just voids you of all thinking and rots out your brain. Am I too old-fashioned? If I’m already like this, how am I going to be at all bearable in sixty years? If I make it that far, that is. Do I want to make it to sixty+? Yes of course, Nelli!! Life is short in any case and I want to get as much out of it as possible. Sitting on the train isn’t wasting time is it… I like the feeling of moving forward and going somewhere, though at the same time I’m just sitting in this spot and my mind can take me further, faster than any train so perhaps I need to stay still more of the time. Getting my feet grounded and all that jazz. Life is so much better with jazz music. New Orleans, right? Maybe I should go there… and do what? Play my ukulele? The ukulele is too cute to be jazzy. Train of thought. That’s funny. I’m literally and figuratively on a train of thought now. AH that could be why the expression is “train of thought”; because trains make you think! Or maybe that’s just me. Quite possible that everyone else is literally thinking nothing. Picture that haystack rolling through the field. How peaceful that must – oh nice graffiti. Who has the time and conviction to start crawling all the way down to those rocks just to colour them up? Actually, that’s a lovely notion, going out on a mission just to add some colour to the world. Train of thought. Or stream of consciousness, more like. I like streams. It’s quite similar really, always moving forward in a fluid motion. Water is always so calming I love the language of water. Babbling brook, bubbly, the murmur of the water, flow, crashing waves, high tide, TSUNAMI. Hm. Oh my butt is going numb I do hate sitting for so long but I can’t really stand up and continue staring out the window in one spot in a situation like this. How do these people do this all the time!? My poor butt. What’s the deal with jeans anyway what did I even do this morning it doesn’t matter I’m here now and that’s all I know for sure so might as well enjoy it and if I can enjoy this very moment just this scenery then what else do I need in life but hey I really want to see Africa and I want to play my ukulele with other musicians and eat croissants in France but as long as I don’t want it just so I can say I’ve done it no I actually want see the world for myself but okaystopIamhererightnowandtheviewisprettysoalliswell. Oh my god I’ve had too much coffee.




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