All You Need is a Pair of Pants & the Sun

It’s been one month since I left Finland. The hometown has been delighting me with little things here and there throughout these past days, and the world seems as enticing as ever. Though still murderously cold outside, sunlight has been increasingly streaming into my life and so, handed me a pair of gold-tinted glasses to see the world through. Nothing better to wake up to than a little sun. Croissants & coffee do put up a good argument, however.

my good morning
my good morning

Those delightful little things here and there show up in the form of teddy bear coffee(!!!!), for one. It was incredibly hard to get myself to drink this – no one wants to be a teddy murderer… When I did drink it I realized it tasted better than any teddy could ever look. Reality check.

happiness of the day
happiness of the day

I’ll throw in this large one dollar coffee as well because getting a vanilla latte for next to nothing makes me feel like I won the lottery. Sure, it wasn’t sophisticated or even quality crafted stuff but it tasted good. I can appreciate that while being a horrid coffee snob as well when it comes to my own brewings. Also, it was a most convenient hand warmer in those arctic streets. How can you not love this stuff – it’s multifunctional!


My little hop-about in Toronto ended with my discovery of a grand piano in a hotel lobby – one of them proper fancy, snazzy, all-marble-and-spiral-staircases kind of establishments. The piano was just sitting there at the side, quite honestly looking a little neglected. So I figured I’d do my civic duty and it wouldn’t harm anyone to go over and show that beautiful piano the love it deserved. I spent the next quarter of an hour playing away on that piano in that sophisticated lobby in my no-so-sophisticated, worn and torn winter coat. There were some double takes from people walking by when they saw who was playing after hearing the music float about. And then some requests. I looked as nonchalant and professional as I could with my wind-ruined hair and sock-covered ukulele. I got home that night with hands still humming with the warmth of good, cheap coffee, and good, real music.

I took those hands then over to our local Irish Pub, Cuchulainn’s. One of the happiest places in the world. Live music, people galore, and – get this – deep fried Mars bars. Not going to lie, it was fascinating but rather disgusting. All I could taste was clogged arteries.

deep fried mars bar, vanilla ice cream, whip cream
deep fried mars bar, vanilla ice cream, whip cream

That being said, 10/10 for this particular pub. 10th was also it’s anniversary. I believe there is some truth to my belief that a life without Irish Pubs is a life not entirely dissimilar to a boiled potato in terms of excitement.

I thought all this was grand and exciting indeed, but that was when I didn’t know I was getting home in a police car… No, mum and dad I didn’t do drugs; long story short, this kind policeman just offered me a lift home. Despite the lack of seatbelts and creeping thoughts of bloodstains on the seats, it was too good an offer to refuse. Gee thanks, officer!

Yes, there is sunlight and there are good times to be had here. There is also a dwindling of clothes and a parade of “when are you coming back?!” from people everywhere I’m not. That’s backpacking; you get to meet wonderful new people but you don’t get to choose what pants you meet them in – you only have one pair. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. But it also makes me realize that if I can’t have variety in my closet, I want variety in my experiences and scenery. So before anyone asks, I’ll ask it myself: where am I going now?

IMG_3610(The bookshop probably.)




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