Time Goes, Love Grows

I blinked and now it’s Wednesday. This past weekend has been a dream, nearly too good and definitely too quick to be true. Sarah arrived on Friday and together we stepped out of this reality where the days go in order, and into a realm of discovery, laughter, and of a friendship to be cherished.

We unleashed ourselves on a snowy-beyond-belief Toronto. Adventure. We found a photobooth, one of those old-school ones where we had no choice but to be intimate as hell and hope for the best that the results of the shutter snapping wouldn’t be too traumatizing. No perfect poses and smiles, just two crazy friends stuck in a small box together in the middle of Union Station.

We worked our way down the streets, running after the perfect photo opportunities, hopping through snow banks while serenading the city, and hitting the market. To quote Sarah: “we were only a slight menace at the market.” But that’s another story.

But wait! There’s more. This weekend also resulted in our first-ever live hockey game. As a Canadian, it was about time. Maybe it’s just me, but it is impossible to not become entirely passionate about which way that little puck slides across the ice. Especially when the Toronto team wins. Throw in pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and who’s a proud Canadian? That would be me.

All of this was laced with a ton of coffee, cinnamon, and ukulele. Yes, it was also cold as hell (I’ve recently come to the conclusion that hell is definitely frozen over rather than being a burning inferno) this weekend but that lead us to perfecting the art of keeping warm. Tea, campfires in the basement, and most importantly, long hugs. 

These were our setting for discussing life, missing loved ones, and accepting that we will never understand the intangible phenomenon that is time. It is fast, it is slow, it is all around, it is never really here. It is extreme opposites simultaneously and it doesn’t make sense. And that’s all okay as long as we spend what we have showing the love we have inside us. We did this in the form of both side-splitting laughter and tears. 

A true friend brings out a full spectrum of emotions and a freedom of self. That’s why I already miss the countless beautiful moments that made up these past few days. What a perfect thing it is to be able to share something beautiful with someone you love. That’s how the beauty grows.




2 thoughts on “Time Goes, Love Grows

  1. I love your post. inserting the pictures makes me feel like I was there..great post


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