The Great White North

The Great White North is just that – great and white and literally colder than the North Pole. It feels good to be back in a place to call home. Even amongst all the travelling and incredible new places to be, home is important. Here I’m allowed to have grumpy moments and bad hair days. Home is where you can enjoy each other’s company without conversation; the love is already there. The open arms of family is a good place to be, and familiar faces are amazing to see.

I’ve spent a lot of time cuddling with this silly thing and taking him out in the freezing cold. I do it because he needs it but also because the cold manages to be wonderfully pretty.

I’ve just been settling in and catching up, and making the best coffee in a percolator – an American method that uses steam pressurizing and patience. From Canadian beans, of course.

So the days still keep coming and going, the sun is shining bright and I am heading out to pick up one of my very best friends from the airport. She’s visiting me from Calgary, and if you’ve ever missed anyone in your life, even just one person once, you’ll know the sheer joy of holding that someone in your embrace just because, after so long, you actually can. Preparing for one of those dramatic running-towards-each-other-screaming-with-arms-splayed-out-through-the-airport scenes here. Together we will go out and take the great city of Toronto by storm, ready to make the most of each beautiful, freezing day.





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