The Cold and the Glorious

Last day in New York and I’m leaving with new friends, new memories, and brand-new frostbite. I live in Finland so the one thing I do take for granted is cold, right? Well these past couple days I have felt cold beyond belief. It’s something in the New York wind that is out to bite innocent people’s faces off… I’m not worried about the frostbite (just a little bit on my finger), and the cold didn’t stop me from hiking along the seaside, but what did worry me was my poor ukulele. So I improvised a quick protective outfit for it out of my sock.

All good.

So I braved the outside receiving many comments of “are you crazy?!” and even random strangers on the streets would tell me, “oh you look so cold!”

Maybe they had a point.
But they don’t understand, I was in New York City. The joy and beauty of it kept me warmer than anything else could have.


On my icy expeditions I took refuge in cute little bookshops I came across, tucked away between edgy delis. Westsider Books left me at a loss for words, but luckily, every inch of their walls were covered in hundreds to choose from.

In Brooklyn, I found a writing class held here.

A small group of fellow writer sat together in the back corner of the shop writing and sharing our work & thoughts. I was sad when it was time to go.

After my cold literary adventures during the day, I seeked refuge at my newly established New York haunt. I went over to my friends at the cafe and let them warm me up with coffee and conversation till I was able to move my hands again – took about half an hour – and play my ukulele for all. I could swear there was something akin to a sense of belonging going on here… Which made the goodbyes all the more heartbreaking. *sniff*
As I was running to my train for the last time, I paused and risked being late for one moment to take this one snapshot.

A little bit of New York glory that left me in an Empire State of mind.

And now I’m in Canada. Bring on the family reunions, let the good times roll, and may the adventures continue!




3 thoughts on “The Cold and the Glorious

  1. Great pictures. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC. I absolutely love Scandinavia and hope to make it to Finland someday. Great post.


    1. Thank you so much!! Definitely visit Finland, it’s best in the middle of summer or when it’s covered in snow and I’m sure it’ll be an experience to cherish x


  2. Greatest city in the world. There is a beauty to it in winter when everyone is hiding. Its like the city is there only for you, and that is a great feeling.

    Liked by 1 person

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