Lots of pictures & hearts

Saturday afternoon in the city. It’s kind of gray, quite windy, and almost rainy. My mood is… Mellow. The day happens to be… Valentines Day. So far that’s meant some chocolates and smiles, and about a hundred couples simultaneously getting married at Times Square. They looked happy and people kept taking pictures and I couldn’t stop grinning at the cuteness.
Every few blocks, a young man walks by with a big bouquet of sweet flowers and everyone around exchanges knowing glances because, oh how cute! Looks like a special someone is going to be very happy today. Don’t try to hide how sweet and in love you are!

Myself, I’m wandering through all this love being thrown around, just me and my ukulele. Spending some quality time now, recounting my adventures so far.
I’ve done well with my check list. So get ready for an ambush of photos.
I visited the New York Public Library.

I accidentally found myself in the Rockefeller Centre.

I saw a Broadway show. STOMP will leave you spellbound and hyperventilating with laughter.

And had 48th floor drinks as the sun set over New York City.

Strolled through beautiful and incomprehensibly massive Central Park.

And oh yeah, remember Daniel? We walked across the legendary Brooklyn Bridge during another beautiful sunset.


I’ve been busy busy and happy with the life I find here but I cannot begin to wrap my head around just how vast NYC really is. You need to spend years here to experience it all. Someone told me that there are so many restaurant establishments that you could eat out in New York for 40 years and every day go somewhere different. 40 years!! I’ve only read the first few pages of this piece of work that is New York, BUT. Even though that overwhelms me quite a bit, the truth of it is that that means I’ll just have to return sooner or later. I can come back many times, even. These last couple days here are not the end, they are just the start of a great story.

Have a beautiful day filled with love and hugs everyone, show kindness, and keep it up every day! Happy Valentines Day.





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