Day One – Destination New York

After a horrendously hectic and just plain atrocious week I am well on my way to New York, mind at peace. I won’t go into too much detail about the various ways life has been slapping me in the face over the last few days but basically I am travelling without a wallet and with a surprise job interview behind me. It’s been difficult to maintain sanity amidst a tempest of different human relationships as well. One thing you can always count on is that people are difficult and complicated. Everyone, sooner or later. Having said that, many of these people are worth the sanity fight, so do tell them you love them even when you don’t like them.

Where was I? Right, on my way to New York.

So after leaving my life in a flurry in Helsinki, I found myself on a plane to Stockholm unreasonably early this morning. As the plane started on that butterfly inducing acceleration down the runway, reaching it’s crescendo as it lifted off the ground, I could almost physically feel my spirits rising with it and my worries shedding away behind me on the ground. I was past attempting to look like a sensible or normal citizen as I grinned my way, ear to ear, up into the clouds. A moment of soft nothing flying through the clouds and then, the most beautiful sight. The sun shone so brilliant, brighter than I’ve seen in probably half a year, and spilled into the airplane and straight into my heart and soul. Sunny disposition, anyone?

Flying. Freedom. New York. I’m suddenly a girl on a mission, high (literally & figuratively) on life. I feel full of purpose now I have this world to travel and people to meet. I already made good work of a poor fella trying to get money out of me this morning for the Red Cross. I agreed to hear him out but before he’d even got to the words ‘world aid’ he’d asked me how I am, not once, not twice, but three times, and confessed that he doesn’t really like his job, it just needs to be done. I had to tell him, I’ve told you three times I’m doing great. His response: “Right. Yes…. Okay.” All this ended up with him giving me a handful of candy and his best wishes for my travels instead of me paying anything or really discussing world health issues. And he was so sure of himself at first. Sorry mate.

So yes. I’m ready. Just a couple hours till my flight to New York. I honestly have no expectations what I’ll find and experience. Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. Currently, I’ll enjoy my window seat beneath blue skies and classical music a little longer before taking on the world.



P.S. My coffee conquest will have to go on a hiatus unfortunately, but it is still very much alive!


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