A World of Coffee: #4. Cajun Coffee

One more week down and I have been floating through it like a twirling leaf, blowing this way and that. These past days have seen me at yoga classes, chatting on the railway station floor, rediscovering my love for octopuses at the aquarium, making friends, baking bread, visiting museums, and staying up till 7 a.m…… It seems perhaps a bit much now that I type it all out. Then again, when can you have too much of learning and discovery, friends new & old, and pointless laughter? Never. And what’s more, never can you (and by you, I mean I) have too much coffee in the days that roll by, one only occasionally separated from another by sleep. Yes, coffee, my one constant in all this tumbling.IMG_3032-0

So, this Sunday I’ve succeeded to get out of bed before noon (!) and brew a cup or two of Cajun Coffee. Originating back to the French settlers in vibrant Louisiana, this is a soulful kick of a drink. And so sweet. I’m not going to lie, you need a proper sweet tooth for this. Luckily I am a proud owner of one of those.


Here’s how it works. I prepared a simple cup of black coffee, 3 tablespoons coffee per cup, in a French press pot. In these, you generally wait four minutes before pressing down the plunger, and then, coffee’s ready! In that coffee cup, I stirred in two tablespoons molasses and a generous pinch of cayenne pepper. Hot stuff. This is the magic combination of lively flavours.

French press
French press

One can leave it at that or add a splash of rum and top it all with whip cream. I couldn’t find any rum but for me, whip cream is never an option. It’s a must. So here you go, feast your eyes and give it a go yourselves. You’ll feast your caffeine-deprived-sweet-toothed Sunday too.IMG_3036



P.S. This was easy, not difficult to get wrong 🙂

P.P.S. Next week is cappuccino!


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