A World of Coffee: #3. Espresso Melya

I don’t know about you, but I am (always) more than ready for a good Sunday cup of coffee. Particularly one that is a new exciting discovery. Espresso is now down pat; this recipe adds a twist to it. Melya comes from the French miel for honey. The drink in its entirety is simple, yet transforms your regular espresso shot into a whole new experience.

In the demitasse I put one teaspoon of plain cocoa powder and a drizzle of honey; let it sit for a couple moments. The honey absorbs into the powder, which is the point when that basic espresso shot (or two) is poured in. Fine ground espresso beans, moderate tamping, and a steady drip of 22 seconds this time.

cocoa & honey

This little procedure results in a beautifully swirly cup of espresso, much more characteristic and rich than last week’s result. The bitter cocoa and sweet honey bring out a fruity flavour in the coffee, one to be sipped slowly and pondered upon. Let the combination of far-away flavours linger on your tongue. Served with cold milk or cream on the side if desired, this is more than just quick picker-upper or eye-opener in the morning. This is a treat.

swirls of spices
swirls of spices

Alongside this drink, I also threw in espresso con panna. Just because. This is now a mini collection of espresso twists that are both only simple variations of that legendary espresso. Con Panna just means that there is whip cream on top of a regular espresso shot. Okay, maybe that’s why I had to include it in this post too. I have a massive weak spot for whip cream. One of my life mottos: When in doubt, whip cream will sort it out. It also makes everything look that very important little bit prettier. As do all objects shaped like elephants. I’m in love with my milk pot.


Next week’s drink shall be a surprise! (aka. I still can’t decide, there are too many great recipes to choose from…)




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