A World of Coffee: A journey through 30 cups

This is my 2015 so far: I have a tremendous plan. I already mentioned the coffee cards I got for Christmas. They’ve turned out to be ridiculously inspiring. I’ve gone through all corners of the world in coffee with them and I’m practically itching to try these weird and wonderful coffee creations. Cowboy coffee, Cajun coffee, Dutch coffee… So much coffee. So I’ve decided to do just that; go through all of them. Since I’m not actually travelling the world, I’ll bring the world to me in a coffee cup. I’ll go through each of the 30 recipes at a time and I shall write about each once a week. I’ll tell you how impossible it was to make and whether it was even drinkable, and I’ll present all the successes along with the failures.


This weeks attempt is Turkish Coffee. I’ve just become the proud new owner of an ibrik and intend on getting my money’s worth from it. With only a couple ingredients – finely ground dark roast coffee, water, cardamom – Turkish coffee should be more than manageable.

A little later turns out I was wrong. I got third time lucky. Turkish coffee is distinctive in it’s thickness and foam surface.


There is nothing resembling that in my first attempt. I quickly realized I’d been much too `optimistic before. Oh well, one failure closer to success.


Second attempt lead me clearly closer to victory. Some tentative foam edging it’s way into my demitasse (= unnecessarily fancy term for espresso cup). After this cup I was just fighting for my dignity as a coffee fanatic. I must be capable of making one lousy cup of Turkish coffee. I MUST.


Voila. Looking at this makes me content. Took me several tries, patience I didn’t know I had, and a little bit of googling to get that foam there.

What I actually did was measure one demitasse of cold water into the pot, warm that up a little, then put in one teaspoon of the coffee along with a pinch of cardamom. I heated that without stirring until the grinds began to sink. Then a bit of vigorous stirring and lowering the heat to very low. This allows the foam to come in and then settle. Whatever happens, THE BREW MUST NOT BEGIN TO BOIL. That was my initial mistake, and lead to utter failure. So don’t let it boil okay? Good.IMG_2913

When the foam reached a nice and uniform appearance I just carefully filled my cup, allowed the grinds to settle to the bottom, and enjoyed. Most importantly, it was a damn good cup of coffee. The cardamom brings in a slight oriental vibe to the thick dark brew. A good kick for groggy days.

To finish off, there is the Turkish practice of tassography; Reading ones future from the grinds left in the cup. My future right now is basically one big fog so this brings me hope. Maybe my coffee can make my life decisions for me… How exactly? Not sure. Going to have to wing it with this one.

the future?
the future?

I see… heavy rain? Not sure I like the sound of that. A winding river? I guess we can conclude that life is running by as water does and I should go with the flow.

One down, 29 coffees to go.




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