Another Year

Happy Sunday, world.

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

Last precious few days of 2014 to live. Can it really be turning into 2015 already? Wasn’t it just 2007? I will never understand the passing of time. Luckily I have a coping mechanism for when life baffles. Coffee.

In a cup.

worldly java
worldly java

On paper.

And there is always more! One of the best Christmas gifts this year; coffee flash cards with facts and recipes. Five minutes into them and I need to drop everything and go buy me a Turkish coffee pot, an ibrik. I’ll be back.


Now I’ve had my coffee, I can start pondering this 2015 business a little more. I don’t usually practice New Year’s resolutions because, let’s face it, does anyone ever keep, or even remember them after a couple months? In my experience, no. And to be completely honest, I find it silly that we take only one day a year to find ways to improve and be a better version of ourselves. Yes it’s a new year, a new beginning and by all means, go and do more charity because of it or whatnot. But every single day is a new beginning, an opportunity to tell yourself you can do whatever the hell you want. You made a resolution, swore to yourself to keep it, wrecked it the next day? Don’t wait until next year to start again. Start again the next morning. I’ll tell myself tomorrow morning to never forget reasons for smiling, learn more difficult songs on the ukulele, and spend less time worrying about things that I know don’t matter or can’t be changed. Then I’ll tell it all again the morning after that. As long as you’re alive you have the chance to love yourself 100%. Warts & all.




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