This Time of the Year

Aaaaaahhh. Ummmmm. Uuughhhh. Hmmmmm. One of those days I just can’t grasp what day of the week it’s supposed to be.

10AM/3PM - the days are short and precious
10AM/3PM – the days are short and precious

It’s early(ish) morning, jazz is playing, and my cup of espresso is remarkable only in its emptiness. I believe the sky may even be clear and blue on this regular weekday. A regular day it may be, but that in no way means that life is dull or routine. I almost wish it were at this point. I came across a wonderfully classic kind of carousel at a Christmas market the other day, and I find it is a great symbol for, well, everything. The days keep going round and round and you’re either on the side watching it happen or riding along trying not to fall off. Both are terrifying prospects. Sometimes it feels like you have a million responsibilities to take care of and life decisions to make and everything is a right mess. Still, it could never be more scary or tragic than watching your life pass you by as you idly stick to the sidelines ‘playing it safe’ and not taking any risks to participate.IMG_2779

Quite clearly, my head is a whirlwind. I’ve been doing my best to hang on to the carousel. It’s going unforgivingly fast but there has been a good laugh at every turn. And honestly, what more could anyone ask for? To make happy memories and, looking back at it all, know that you spent your time laughing and hugging friends. So that is exactly what I’m going to do while I take care of my responsibilities and make my life decisions…


Presently, Christmas has snuck up on us once again. It has a way of doing that. For about forever it’s at least half a year away and then suddenly it’s next week. Time is the least logical thing in the world. I’ve spent a lot of time in over crowded stores doing a very good job of forgetting everything characteristic about the people I care for and being inspired to buy too much chocolate. The Christmas stress can do weird things to you. I’m thinking a Venus Fly Trap would be a top notch gift. “Merry Christmas! Why don’t you go ahead and spend it feeding poor little flies to a plant.”

Then there’s the rush to post all Christmas cards on time, and this year I noticed I’ve got nearly all corners of the world covered with them. Germany, Canada, and Australia to mention some destinations. Travelling still has me reaching out to the world. Yes, Christmas time does get stressful and sadly a bit too materialistic for my taste. I’m also not a fan of being broke. Still, I couldn’t imagine life without it. It takes a little stress and money but it gives so much more. The lights and the music and the general excitement bring so much cheer to the streets. People actually have a reason to talk to strangers, wishing each other Merry Christmas (miraculous in Finland). Friends come together, and I’ve been singing Christmas songs and painting stars with elderly people. This was one of the happiest things I’ve done lately – making other people happy and seeing their faces just light right up. It makes the cold air outside feel a little warmer when the world around is constantly ready to smile at each other.

Happy holidays folks! Tell the world! Give someone you don’t know a hug for me.




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