Espresso Dreams

time to type

Writing fingers engaged. And I have lots to write about. About coffee and books and dreams and that wonderful thing called life. Mine has quickly taken some sharp turns and consequently you may now call me your honest hard working girl. Over the past months my life has consisted of country-hopping, lots of coffee doodling and drinking, and aimless discovery. Suddenly I must refer to that as my past and start running to work nearly every day of the week for the rest of the year. Where? On Wednesdays I honour the kind spirit that I occasionally find in me and go to old age homes to spend a few quality hours brightening the days of elderly folks. Our favourite activity is when I play my ukulele for them to listen and sometimes sing along to. This is what I’ve found on my Wednesdays:

a little song + a tight hug = (big beautiful smiles all around)²

I call it my Exponential Joy Equation. It takes into account that smiling is contagious. I also call myself a professional entertainer now because I can! This business is something I never planned on doing with my time but it sure makes me glad that plans change.IMG_2651

The rest of the week I run off to the Brooklyn Cafè (featured previously on my blog) and make countless cups of coffee and toasted bagels with a chirpy smile and ‘Hello how are you today’. A piece of honest North American goodness in the heart of Helsinki. This has been my happy place for a long time and now I get paid for being there?? Excuse me while I go perform a happy dance. It’s busy work – people sure like their coffee and bagels A LOT – and it’s getting to the point I could whip up three different kinds of lattes in my sleep. It gets to the point that I almost need to. Don’t get me wrong, I love this. You could say I’m dancing on clouds of espresso and frothy milk.

Life’s funny like that sometimes. You have a little dream and then one day you wake up in that dream, except now it’s reality. Perhaps I’m lucky, perhaps I tried hard enough to get where I wanted. Or maybe my little dream was simply realistic enough to come true. Well, good for me.

Christmas has officially arrived in Helsinki
Christmas has officially arrived in Helsinki

Christmas really seems to have come early from many sides of life. A lot of cafès and bookshops have those stamp cards where after stamps you get a free product. I happen to own one of those for my regular bookshop hangout. Better yet, I own one filled with stamps, which means a free book! Any free book. This is a great source of joy for me right now, but also one of a little anxiety. How could you possibly expect me to choose only one single book out of three floors filled with enchanting stories…? It’s a big deal to choose a book to call your own, that you see on your shelf every day. It has to be one that catches my eye with a smile, that I can pick up and gladly read any old day time and again, one that smells proper bookish. The smell of books is a tiny, usually unnoticed detail that turns a house into a home. I think I’ll spend the rest of the month wandering up and down the aisles of the bookshop with a slightly bewildered expression on my face. The book I bring home has to be just right.

This is my life now going by in a busy, caffeinated and inky rush. Just how I like it.




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