Letting go of the past seems to be all the rage these days but I am still just too happy about everything London has left me with. So let me reminisce in peaceful nostalgia and share a quick inventory.This trip mostly filled me up and left me with many beautifully happy memories, pictures, and laughs. There are a few special things – souvenirs I suppose – that I still like to flick through, or shove in peoples faces if I get the chance. The essential being one of the best coffees I have ever had. A little independent shop by Covent Gardens lured me in with their large windows, dim lights, and tiny spaces. See for yourself, here.

hello, gorgeous
hello, gorgeous

Then there are the results of my spontaneous shopping spree on Oxford Street, after I realized I still had British Pounds to get rid of. I could never even have imagined a cozier outfit.

IMG_2571Something else I discovered on the streets of London completely took me by surprise. There is a Paddington trail going through the whole city, which is ridiculously exciting for a supposed-to-be-19-year-old Paddington fan. I grew up with fuzzy little Paddington bear and his marmalade sandwiches, and look, he’s still there with me!

IMG_2597London and it’s dream collection of bookshops was also kind enough to leave me with poetry. The kind of poetry difficult not to love. And I’m not just saying that. (Technically I’m not because I’m actually writing it, but that’s not the point and you know it, so don’t even try to be an annoying smartass who takes things literally when they know they really really should not.Thanks.) I genuinely enjoy the unconventional lack of romanticizing and grandeur here. I like how it is everything you would not expect from a poem. From It Never Rains by Roger McGough.


I’m not in favour of or for the encouragement of materialism generally, but a little stuff can be good for the soul. However, one thing that London stuck me with that I could actually do without, is not a physical thing but so English. I can’t stop veering to the left instead of the right as I walk down the streets and it’s resulted in some near-messy situations. Maybe all those scones went straight to my feet and turned them English.

Let’s not forget, happy Children’s Day!




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