The Farewell

Why am I home already, sitting in my own bed? Yes it’s clean and comfortable, but all too familiar. The catch is, I have real-life responsibilities back in Finland (friends, work) that pulled me back from London, too soon. It was an adventure most short and sweet. It was beautiful.IMG_2504

The streets are always flowing with life. They’ve done a good job of lighting up the dark. I even found a corner of home tucked away in the winding alleys.


The Maple Leaf Pub was completely welcoming, even if the barman was actually Portuguese with a freakishly Canadian accent. I nearly wept tears of recognition when I read the menu. Poutine, the glorious cheesy french fry dish, holds a dear place in my heart and I miss it always. That is another great thing about London; it’s so big that a little bit of every part of the world has managed to fit in it. From Chinatown to French bakeries and ethnic markets to this pub. Home and adventure in the same city.

Before I left I still ran to Borough Market by London Bridge and just about burst with the amount of samples I found. Cookies (sorry, biscuits), cheese, bread, jams, noodles, and more. Even better, all I had to do was play my ukulele for a vendor in exchange for cake. I could get used to this… Then I still ran across town for one last rendez-vous and one last English scone.

Even though I didn’t stay nearly long enough to truly discover London, I’ve explored so much. I also saw a great deal of the many various sides of the city. The best parts are often the ones that can be easily overlooked. Straying away from the standard London experience, a whole new level of life shows itself. I saw the posh and I saw the standard.IMG_2382

And I saw behind the scenes. IMG_2379

So that’s the wonder of London. It can rain, it can look gray, but the life in it is always bursting with colour. One thing’s for sure; I’ll be back.




2 thoughts on “The Farewell

  1. You made me miss London! 🙂


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