Fairytales on the streets

It’s more than official now – this is England. Walking down the street I gazed up at the clear sky, wondering, ‘where the hell is this rain coming from?!’ The climate is indeed mild but there have been some beautiful moments of sun, and the trees are even still green. These moments I spent making more money playing my ukulele in Green Park.

IMG_2480.JPGMore often then not, I’m playing the ukulele because everywhere I go, people ask for a song. I’ve been turning the whole of London into a musical, one store at a time. I’ve sung songs with staff and strangers in local Sainsbury’s, various cafés, and down Oxford street and more. Honestly, live music spreads joy.
There are so many wonderful details I love here. Riding on double decker buses of course, scones, people calling me ‘love’. Then there are things like the Peter Pan statue and the Sherlock Holmes museum for my inner nerd.

IMG_2412.JPG It’s easy to mistake the reality of London for a fairytale. A trip to Hamley’s left us dreaming of teddy bears and giggling down the rest of Oxford street lit up with bright magical lights.

IMG_2422.JPG Cupcakes never hurt either.

IMG_2423.JPG It’s true, the streets are full of every-day magic. Last night it turned up in the form of a magnificent sunset and the romantic light of dusk tainting the streets. I limped another marathon chasing this sunset along the river Thames.


London is almost too much adventure (and almost too many bookstores) for one girl, but I love it. This city is not running away any time soon, and I’ve got a lifetime to uncover its charming secrets.




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