City Adventures

Yet another happy, somewhat gray and blustery morning in London. Still positively surprised by how very English everything is. The people, their clothes and manners, the houses. Who would have thought? By now, there is no escaping the Christmas songs. Or Christmas coffees.

IMG_2406.JPG Monday mornings are clearly not my thing because something drastic happened. I forgot to take my ukulele with me. I realized just five minutes after I walked out my friends door that my hand was grasping thin air. A miniature heart attacked ensued. I remained calm because I knew it was safe in the house but nevertheless felt rather naked. One thing’s for sure, I shan’t be doing that again!
The day filled up nicely regardless. It left me with new books (nevermind I don’t have the money or space for them), popcorn, and my favourite colours in the sky.

IMG_2386.JPG After another date with an old friend, I found myself meandering down alarmingly posh streets. Harrods and all.

IMG_2388.JPG I walked in, curiosity winning over nerves. I tried very hard not to appear too bug-eyed and wonder-dummied by the immaculate staff looking like they escaped Buckingham palace and the displays of items making me think I’d accidentally set foot in an art gallery. The place is beyond humongous, you could take a month to go through it and two minutes to get irrevocably lost inside. I stuck mostly to the tea & confectionery section.
By the end of the day, I’d accidentally limped through basically the entire city again. Apparently my knee will get better eventually, but there’s nothing I can do for it now. Except maybe rest. Which is not really working for me. What can I say, my thirst for adventure is greater than the pain in my knee. I’m all the more happy for experiencing Piccadilly Circus at night.

IMG_2394-0.JPG A totally different city from night to day, but always just as beautiful. Now I’m off to Hyde Park with my ukulele and then to more long awaited reunions.




3 thoughts on “City Adventures

  1. Such lovely pictures and the coffee looks too good to drink. Love the Harrods display as well!


  2. Lovely post, your pictures are beautiful ❤


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