Happy Traveller

IMG_2364.JPG Wow, London. More beautiful than I remembered! Oh my gosh these past couple days have been so incredibly busy. I’m almost surprised at the number of people I know and just how much of London there really is! I’ve been running (limping) around the city, loading up on caffeine, and snapping pictures left and right.


IMG_2285.JPG I’ve been planning every day as it comes and doing some major catching up with dear old friends, ones worth hopping on the plane for. Friends before money, any day!
So far I’ve had a pretty good tourist day; went to see the Tower of London flooded with poppies, sat in cozy English pubs, and took embarrassing phone booth pictures.


IMG_2328.JPG Naturally, I have a scone in my mouth too. A must while enjoying London.
Hours literally passed by unnoticed as we strolled along the Thames, taking in the artsy mishmash of architecture and street performers. The Big Ben hung around so surprisingly real in the distance and close up – a wonder every time – reminding us that reality can be quite the dream.

The next day I spent bookshop & coffee shop hopping. This is what happens when I don’t have a plan.
And this is what happens when I am left alone with my ukulele. Coffee with my cute date.

IMG_2332.JPG The ukulele is still a charmer. I spent ten minutes on the street singing with strangers, playing happy songs. Even if I’ll never see them again, we had a happy moment, and those stay with you forever. I also found something I just might have to get.

IMG_2331-0.JPGNew ukulele perhaps? A nice and subtle design. However, the truth is, my uke & I have been through so much together that I couldn’t imagine life without it. And so we play on, through the rain and the occasional burst of sunlight in this splendid city, trying to keep up with the good life.




1 thought on “Happy Traveller

  1. Beautiful pictures! London is a city I always wanted to visit ❤


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