Head in the Clouds

At this very moment I am sitting on an airplane, miles & miles above ground, speeding towards the city of London. It’s about time to get away again. I woke up to the first snowfall of this winter, and by the time I got on the plane it was pouring rain.
I mustered up the motivation for such boringly practical matters as packing and checking in for my flight. A few items of clothing and a toothbrush shoved into a bag should just about do the trick. And a gazillion cups of coffee yet again, of course. Just me & my ukulele now, taking off towards adventure.

The skies are clear by now and the cities of Europe are twinkling by below. Everyone on the plane is already so very British; I’m keeping my eye on the handsome lads with the cute accents. Unfortunately, they’re all seated everywhere but in my vicinity. Stupid airline.

Seriously though, I always loved flying. Turbulence in particular is fun. Like a roller coaster in the sky! A lot of people fail to see the charm in this. Suit yourselves. When flying, you get served by ever-smiling stewardesses (or a cute steward in this case) and the world you see from above is something so different and wondrous. The world, our home, has never looked so small and yet so vast at the same time. All the bright little lights, all the cotton ball clouds, and all the pure wilderness is brimming with discovery and creation. This is life you are looking down at. Then there was always the symbolic side of flying. Airplanes are my friends. They take me away from everything mundane, they take me to adventure. Therefore, flying is fun. It’s excitement and freedom.
And when the destination is London, excitement is off the scales! London is a familiar city to me, one I’ve already explored and fallen in love. But it such massive place that one trip and you’ll just scratch the surface. I simply cannot wait to see Baker Street, Abbey Road, Camden markets, MY FRIENDS. The best feeling of all is the knowledge that right now I’m headed directly towards a happy reunion.




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