Before I Die


Welcome to my happy place, the bookshop. I’ve been wandering through the aisles of books, wondering at just how much there is to learn about the world. Psychology, history, jokes, Johnny Depp, adventures… And it’s all here under the same roof. Bookshops are simply abundant with life condensed into one peaceful haven. I can accidentally pass hours here (or any bookshop for that matter) inspired by other peoples stories, letting my musings mingle with the murmur of the people in the background. Lovely word, that. Murmur. It’s almost unreal, or like something a toddler came up with. Throwing it into adult conversation you nudge everyone back into careless innocence for a brief moment. Mm, more musings mingling amidst marvellously mumbled murmurs. And when I’m not delighting in the wonders of the English language, I’m writing letters and drinking butterscotch (yum!!) coffee on the sofas.

what a stunning latte
what a stunning latte

One nice thing about not having a regular nine to five job or school is that, at the right time, you get the best of the world, especially the city, to yourself. Shops and lingering cups of coffee without an overflow of busy people, just a relaxed ambiance, with people out and about with the sole purpose of enjoying themselves. It’s a small privilege now, but one I appreciate in a big way.

One thing I have just figured is that reading bucket lists is a most wonderful pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. They are either entirely ridiculous, entirely inspiring, and if you’re lucky, both. It reminds you of how much life there is to live, how many fears to conquer and laughs to share. How much to look forward to! It makes the dreamer in you do a little happy dance.

Let me share some of my favourite items:

  • speak in a foreign accent the whole day – ridiculous
  • release chinese lanterns – insipiring
  • send someone flowers, just because – inspiring
  • put soap in a public fountain – ridiculous (and a little inspiring)
  • pee in every ocean – ……….
  • play hide & seek in Ikea – ridiculously awesome
  • shower under a waterfall – YES
  • perform on Broadway – YES

It also makes me happy that a large number of the things I’m reading, I’ve already done! Gone backpacking through Europe, watched the sunrise at the beach, baked with someone I love at 3 a.m., busked…

To finish off, here are just a couple of my own items:

  • visit an elephant sanctuary
  • New York
  • write a book
  • ride a hot air balloon
  • learn to make that damn perfect latte
  • own a pet pig (yes, really)
  • not spend the rest of my life wondering ‘what if’
  • always smell the roses & wish upon a star




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