Somehow we’ve already rolled along into November. Not to be rude towards it, but this month just does not work for me. I confess I’m having a hard time shaking its dampness and gloom out of my head. Still being crippled doesn’t exactly help, either. I’m going to see a doctor about my knee today so wish me luck!


Despite a pronounced limp and prickly weather, I still find the city soothing. All bright lights to regain some sort of balance in this dreary November. I don’t know if this darkness has an oppressive effect on anyone else, but for me, it just goes to show how vital light is. The sun is life. Candles and fairy lights are like little spots of joy in a dark room. IMG_2202

And good old jack-o-lanterns! Halloween also came and went and I embraced it wholeheartedly with a dress up party and loads of pumpkin. Turns out raw pumpkin is, in fact, quite tasty. The largest pumpkin there, you may notice, is a tad atypical. Yes, I carved a mustache onto it because I’m not sure why. I also managed to mysteriously become the proud owner of this mustache pillow. Who needs a cuddly teddy bear when you have squishy mustache?IMG_2206

This past week can be summed up by Halloween, rain, and waiting to go to London. Three more days! Three more days of building anticipation. I can already feel a hopeless British accent creeping into my words. I guess I should think about perhaps maybe eventually starting to consider packing, too.

Another highlight this week was definitely the most fantastic cinnamon stick I’ve ever come across. Look how long it is! So much deliciousness and prettiness right there. A happy discovery to complement my warming cup of coffee.IMG_2207

I’ll turn back to my cinnamon and candles and London-getaway to pass this November. Don’t forget to sing in the rain!

Or at least watch the musical.




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