Alright, here’s where it’s at.

My recent activities consist largely of slowly going insane and becoming a hermit. Turns out there is such a thing as walking too much, and I have been successful at it. My love of pointless strolling – no, not pointless because the point is to pass my time in the most enjoyable way possible. My love of unguided exploration and discovery, flânerie, has bit back at me. My knee completely gave in, which has left me unable to walk and very much stuck at home.

I’ve shoved my wanderlust in the back of my closet and basically disappeared into a collection of other worlds at home.

Books. The ultimate portal to another reality of choice.

these are all lovely reads
these are all lovely reads

Baking. Take a dive into the mixing bowl and the land of a thousand spices that fill your house and make it smell like a home.IMG_2178


Coffee & tea. As always, I like to see my life through coffee tinted glasses. And casually drink my morning coffee out of a goblet.IMG_2181

I’ve also managed to be a proper teenager and have the stereo blasting with music 24/7. I like to imagine I’m living in a musical. Even the most insignificant or unpleasant time can be made beautiful by a song and a dance, and you never feel alone when someone is sharing the emotion in music. Everything just becomes a little lighter and not so serious when you can dance it out. Every day is more fun when you pretend to be the leading character in the musical of your life.Photo on 2014-10-24 at 1.14 PM #2

And if nothing else, I’ll find a scarf to disappear into. For those times you need a soft world around you.

oh so very soft
oh so very soft

I am always disappearing somehow. Why must I run from reality and its routine so? I’m an escapist. A nostalgic and romantic soul; most of us are to an extent. Some more than others. When the room you wake up to every morning holds no particular spark, you go look for that spark. That glitter of inspiration you find in stories that take you far away in time and space, in the musical embrace of harmonies and rhymes, in mysterious flavours and captivating smells. I’ll create the world I like if I have to, because I know that if I look hard enough, I’ll find the ingredients for it. I’m never truly stuck anywhere. If I can see it in my mind, I can bring that spark to life.




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