Cinnamon & Love

Good morning world!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and all is well. The fact that it is literally freezing outside won’t spoil this day. The sunlight is spilling in warm and golden through the window, and I have a hot cup of liquid gold keeping me company. What’s more, it’s not just regular delicious coffee but it’s delicious coffee with an extra bit of yum! In a hit of inspiration I threw a cinnamon stick in the mug before I poured in the coffee. Let me tell you, this is a match meant to be! I don’t even know why I haven’t done this before; I do have my own personal cinnamon fan club. If left to my own devices, I would probably forget to eat anything other than cinnamon. The good news is cinnamon is good for you so it’s perfectly acceptable to put it in anything and everything! If you want to start your morning with the scent of autumn in a mug and a warm hug for your insides, all you need to do is throw a cinnamon stick in with your coffee. Perfection.

Fresh-brewed inspiration for the day ahead.
Fresh-brewed inspiration for the day ahead.

More happy warm things; I finished my scarf. It’s soft as a baby’s bottom and orange like pumpkins. Sticking to the theme here! It always makes me content to make something with my own hands. Not only is it comforting to feel you can create things worth something in your life, but these things are completely unique, as you can’t help but weave a bit of love into them. This scarf is made with yarn, scissors, my fingers, and a bit of my heart.

Photo on 2014-10-18 at 1.17 PM

Finally, I’ve conducted an experiment. Aim? Determine how much food samples I can scavenge in the city in one day. Method? Visiting one grocery store and health food store after another and casually slipping every sample I found into a paper bag. Results?

a hobo feast
a hobo feast

In conclusion, go ahead and be a hobo for a day! After some walking, feigned interest, and absolutely no money spent, I made it home with a feast in my hands! The bowl is full of bread, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, chocolate, and sweets! This is not even including a free cup of coffee I chanced upon. So there you go. My kind of science.

Still happily keeping warm and busy in the wilds of Finland!




2 thoughts on “Cinnamon & Love

  1. LOVE the cinnamon and coffee idea!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ 😀


  2. Oh good, you’ll love it even more when you’ve tried it 😉 I’m already addicted!


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