A Railway Station.

So the days just keep going by. Funny business isn’t it? Life and such. The passing of time; tiresomely slow and incomprehensibly fast at the same time. That’s the problem with trying to unlock the mysteries of life, the moment you discover it is one thing – slow – it proves to be the opposite at the same time – fast. Life and time are fluid like raindrops. Perfectly shaped and visible to the eye at one instant, but as soon as you try to hold it to examine this shape, it changes and that shape is no more. In conclusion of my unplanned insight, things change! Shocker. Just don’t spend too much time analyzing the why and how and go where it takes you.

One more day in the life with my favourite 1 euro boots.

What was I originally going to write today? I lost track somewhere within the mysteries of life. Oh yes, I was going to delight in something I just discovered in this world that I particularly like. To reminisce about my travels some more, I’ve found that I really enjoy railway stations. Great big central stations with arcs and endless windows all around high above, platforms with people coming and going, constantly flowing, railways with trains bringing people home and taking them on long journeys.

When I was travelling, I always felt some sort of comfort wandering around a new railway station. Really, they are places of discovery that can get quite enthralling. Wandering into the little cafés you instantly discover what kind of food and what kind of coffee people here like. The little kiosks offer a glimpse into an alternate reality: Slightly different flavours of ice cream than the usual ones at home, a slightly bigger collection of newspapers or croissants. So familiar, yet an entirely different life. Would I be the same person if I grew up with Dutch newspapers or German pretzels? Hmm.

I also like to know that everyone is welcome at a railway station. You’ll find people from all stages of life, all places in the world. No matter what your life story is or where you come from, come along to the station! Here it’s all about where you’re going, heading forward. Entertained by our friends the street musicians, of course. I’ve many happy memories of sitting on top of my bag playing my ukulele along to the stream of shoes on the marble floors.

I discovered the same feelings of comfort and wonder when I walked through the central railway station in Helsinki again after so long. Great big arcs and windows high above, displays of sandwiches and coffee made to look irresistibly enticing, and a lot of happy reunions between friends. Thinking of all this, one place in particular keeps coming to mind, yearning to be discovered.


Grand Central Station, New York. The ultimate collection of big echoing arcs and high windows, and people rushing past with their lives. My mission now is to get to New York and play my ukulele in the Grand Central Station. Not a passion I expected in any stage of my life but there you go… A girl’s got to have goals!

And in the meantime, coffee.



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