Hi. Hallo. So this is Germany. Pretzels everywhere.
And this was my hostel in Münich.

IMG_1894.JPGWhen you are welcomed by fairy lights, you know you’ve come to a good place.
By the time I arrived I was tired and just done for the day, but this place did a good job of picking me up. Sofas outside, a piano, hammocks, and a fire pit! All the makings of a good time. Then there is the fact that it was actually a big tent. And you know what? The one night I slept in a tent is the one night it rained. But the rain didn’t do any harm, the worst problem at night was the couple a few beds over drunkenly yelling at each other, “you pushed me off the bed you idiot! No YOU pushed ME!!” On the one hand I just wanted to sleep, but on the other hand I had to laugh.
This tent was infested by English speakers from around the globe and we all came together to marvel at the reality of being in Germany.

IMG_1900.JPGA pointless yet necessary fireside selfie with this South Africa girl I did not want to say good bye to.

So here’s the thing about this trip and staying in hostels. I have met so many different and enthralling people, made friends I never would have dreamed of, and had bucket loads of fun with them. But it is heartbreaking to leave them behind. Every single time. We know every time that when we leave, it will never be the same again. All these friends and laughs will become a once upon a time, memories. I didn’t think I’d go through such genuine sadness here but there you go. The places I will remember with simple happiness, but these people I will remember with melancholy joy. And no, the internet just isn’t the same! Aaaand now to turn everything I just wrote around, I’m not saying I regret anything. I’d definitely choose having met these people than not at all. The good memories are worth more than sparing the heartache.

What this comes to is that I had a brilliant time at the tent and Münich, but had to leave the very next day. Next station, Düsseldorf! Naturally, I had to get coffee to get me through the trip.

IMG_1904.JPG Looks like my ukulele and I are still making a big impression. Just call me Ukulele Babe! The next big thing? What do you think?

Here’s some more coffee and autumn appreciation. PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING AND LIFE IS SWEET!

IMG_1919.JPGPlease excuse my whiteness but it’s cheap in Germany!

What can I say about Düsseldorf then? Well, it’s a city. It’s in Germany. It could be worse? You get my drift… It’s the first city I’ve been to that I don’t walk down the streets in awe of its beauty. Though I must tip my hat to a pleasant riverside dinner last night.

IMG_1914.JPGThese Germans seem to enjoy their fairy lights. I can’t blame them.

Now my mission is just to get myself home. Because Finland is annoying and not accessible by train I’ve booked myself the cheapest flight back. Middle of the night tomorrow morning. It’s really not as straightforward as it should be. The plane flies from the middle of nowhere here to the middle of nowhere in Finland. Wish me luck on my last adventure!




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