A Mountain View

So I got to Switzerland safe and sound to crash at this lovely girls place.

IMG_1872.JPG I had a brilliant time with another Finnish friend, Elina, who is lucky to live right at the foot of the mountain range! The only slight, small, teensy weensy blip in my happy Swiss visit was that I got sick. Being an A+ houseguest, I arrived at the house, expressed what a wonderful place it was, and stumbled to bed at nine writhing in icky sickness. Fun! Well, this meant we couldn’t go swimming by the mountains, but we did well despite this. We spent the next day watching Hercule Poirot, playing scrabble, making pizza, and we cycled to a lakeside café.

IMG_1869.JPGTrying hard to blend in with the pointedly fancy establishment…

After all those days of walking marathons, hauling a bag my own size, and praying I’ve gotten on the right train, what a perfect time this was. A little normality and coziness, with a Swiss touch. Every time I looked out the window I could see the mountains rising outside, giving the home life a majestic and picturesque air. Not entirely unlike the old chateau I stayed in, the mountains have something calming about them, like you could just watch and enjoy them forever.

IMG_1880.JPGEverywhere I walked around the town was like directly off of a postcard. It was also a nice bit of variety to go from the massive city of Paris to a little town South of Zürich for a slower pace. What really got to me, was how quiet and peaceful it was outside at all times. Anytime, anywhere we walked, the world seemed still and life never needed to distract from the peace and beauty of the surroundings.
As for Switzerland in general, I found it clean, proper, and organized. Always on top of things. The streets have a well maintained, angular air to them. The Swiss also seem to be in love with coloured window shutters.Everywhere.

IMG_1891.JPGEveryone I talked to was also particularly kind.

By now I’ve made it my next stop, Münich, only to realize I’m exactly in time for Oktoberfest… And don’t worry by the way, by the time I left Switzerland, I only sounded like I was dying with a chainsaw down my throat (still do), but didn’t feel like it anymore. Awesome.




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