Book nerding in Paris

Oops I’m stuck again. The fact of the matter is I love Paris and I couldn’t possibly leave yet. I feel a bit too mainstream and simple saying that but oh well! Paris is breathtaking and I’m allowed to love it! I’ve found home here. I arrived on a mission to find two bookshops in particular, nevermind the Eiffel Tower and all that. Now with my mission completed I couldn’t be happier. After getting adequately lost I found Shakespeare & Company tucked up along the Seine.

The little rooms, nooks & crannies inside are overflowing with books new and old. It’s like one big treasure chest and you just never know what you’ll come across. There is a piano inside that I spent a happy moment playing. As soon as I left I promised myself I’d be back soon for more discoveries.

But wait! There’s more!
The second item on my list was the Abbey bookshop.

IMG_1833.JPGNot only was it pouring books about everything under the sun. It is Canadian. My people! Seeing the Canadian flag over a bookshop in Paris is the best combination I can imagine! They had complimentary coffee & tea and I got way too excited when I discovered they offered maple syrup with it. Maple coffee, my friend, it’s been too long! This made up for the ghastly “coffee” served at my hostel for breakfast. So anyway, as you may have gathered, I immediately made myself at home there, playing my ukulele to everyone inside the shop.

IMG_1826.JPGAnd by the Seine. (Okay yes I am in the middle of blinking there but let’s just pretend I’m totally absorbed in my music and it’s artistic.)

The music in Paris is another thing to fall in love with. Everywhere I go, there is a song in the background. And it’s always something different too. Life here comes with a soundtrack!

IMG_1795.JPGMore fun along the Seine. I found this much too hilarious.

IMG_1797.JPG The Notre Dame sort of happened to be right there as well.

Did I mention I’m staying directly beneath Sacré Cœur? And watched the sun rise over Paris from there?

IMG_1813.JPGThat was a true moment of awe. Out of this world. I think I’m starting to lose touch with reality. The flow of time is blurred and I’m floating in the moment. Especially in the early morning when a city as big and bustling as this is still sleepy. It makes you notice the ordinary as charming.

Here I am, capturing the moment that is Paris.



P.S. Excuse the overload of pictures!


1 thought on “Book nerding in Paris

  1. I love that you went to these book stores! So cool 😀


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