Croissants For Two

So this night has been slightly different. Meet my dear Finnish friend Reetta, and our breakfast in Paris. She has turned her life upside down in the most fantastic way to be an au pair here. And what a wonderful place to do so! Here I’ve gotten a sneak peek in to the genuine French household. Complete with a trip to the village market AND the local grocery store. Foreign grocery stores are a wonderland; that’s where you see how the community really lives. The streets are equally beautiful and full of atmosphere at night and morning. How amazing these old decorated brick houses look side by side with little pink(!) patisseries. And how laid back the general atmosphere of the people is. There is always time for a chat, no rush too serious. It’s basically been a good old basic sleepover with my good old friend – until we walk outside on the streets and realize we are in France! And we realize it at every turn… People walk down the streets, a baguette casually in hand. Fountains and curled lamp posts adorn every corner while impossibly narrow alleys let us catch glimpses of tree top views.

IMG_1777.JPGGot the whole of Paris behind my back. The Eiffel Tower is there too, I promise!

One of the most exciting discoveries of the day: I’ve actually gotten a respectable tan just this morning!! Lines and everything on my usually pale white bones. Not that the locals could tell, the two of us got told we should get some sun…
Walking around such an enchanting place, it is ten times better with a friend to share it with, giggling at the wonder of simple croissants. Friends are so great. To all my friends out there, I love you! And I’d like to take this moment to express my appreciation for all the “hello are you alive” messages I’ve gotten. Honestly lovely to know people care!
I’m glad I had this little Parisian suburb adventure, and I couldn’t possibly move on without mentioning how absolutely adorable French children are. Big bright eyes & wild hair. If I was landed with French children I would not mind one little bit.
Currently I’ve moved on around Paris by myself and seen so very much more. But that’s another story.




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