Railing Away

Today marks the end of my little chateau holiday. Back on (the train) track. I’m sad to go because I’ve fallen utterly in love with this place, but it has made me revise my trip entirely. I now realize I must strive to spend as little time as possible sitting on the train, and most of my time living the life of the places I visit. So, plan A: scrapped entirely. Plan B: no plan. Just a general direction and time limit. One mustn’t always live in such a hurry so from here, I’m travelling one day at a time, planning as I go.

This whole chateau business I can blame on my parents. They rented it for some time and invited all our family and friends. It’s been the most phenomenal week-long party. There have been 15 of us here and I will tell you now, 15 adults let loose in France together will revert back to five years of age. Because we have been dancing down village streets in the middle of the night, singing horrible folk songs till each others’ ears break, and stuffing ourselves silly with chocolate. Also getting way too competitive and passionate over board games, playing dress up, and squishing too many people in one car. And I quote the driver: “YES I managed to speed!!” Not exactly peaceful car trips. Yes it’s been a party, and you know it’s been good when the biggest problem the night before leaving is, “what the hell are we going to do with these 49 bottles of beer in the fridge!?”
I think it is just these little episodes and details that leave me with such a fondness for these past days. I can look back and laugh at the morning that I was in such a hurry to catch up with others who went to the boulengerie that I ran inside it full speed wearing just my pajamas. I can look back at the paintings I painted and smile at the memory of sitting on the windowsill in the sunlight with them. No earth-moving events, just being happy with the place I’m in and the people I’m with. I should also mention the tree in the front yard is 600 hundred years old!! I have to pick up my lower jaw off the ground every time I remember that. It’s the details people! The little things! Except, of course, when the little thing in particular happens to be an impossibly massive towering 600 year old (jaw drop!) tree thing.

So what exactly am I doing now, you may ask. Well, ladies & gentlemen, drum roll please! Now is the height of the adventure. I am thrusting myself into the heart of Paris, not sure where I can stay tomorrow night, kind of sort of just hoping for the best.




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