Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I have no words.

Just look.

At this place.


The last picture shows the window to my room. What have I done to deserve this beauty!?? My life right now is unreal. A medieval chateau in a tiny French village with my riot of a family, and all I need to do is get croissants for breakfast from the boulengerie around the corner and frolic in the sun. The willows and chestnut trees are appropriately regal; I feel like a princess sitting on sturdy, vine-covered windowsills, playing my ukulele. I like it here. I like that I am not concerned with a clock. The church bell tells me the time. I like that as I am writing this, a rooster is crying out a couple fields away. I like casually opening massive iron gates to let friends in.

Here is my quick day in the life:

Wake up to birdsong and dappled sunlight, go out to the yard and enjoy a strong cup of coffee. Walk to the boulangerie, literally buy all the croissants they have. Take a walk in the village, cycle out to pick fresh blackberries, plums, peaches, roses – nearly anything. Play the grand piano, have a yoga class on the grass, then a nap in the ancient library.

My favourite spot. Cappuccino & poetry with a view.

This building is half a millennium old, and with that age, the stone walls have acquired a sense of calm. They’ve seen many lives, many heartbreaks and celebrations. Life goes on but this small spot in the world continues to provide shelter. I like to believe that in life, everything is temporary. Emotions, places, projects, people. Yet here, time seems to stand still. The concept of temporary or not does not need to be contemplated, you only need to be. No strings attached. What I’m slightly surprised to find is I slipped into this atmosphere faster and smoother than quicksilver. I walk around the grounds and cook in the kitchen like I’ve done it my whole life. Would  it be too drastic to just stay? Like the building has? Well I know it won’t do to dwell on the rest of my life right now. There’s too much cheese to eat and wine to drink at the present moment. So here’s my setting for now, the abundant stories of my days are to follow. Ah, comme la vie est belle!




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