Crushed Shoulders & Pretty Faces

Let’s begin with a concise list of my troubles:
1. This bag suddenly feels like a load of bricks on my shoulders. I may have overestimated my upper body strength and shall be requiring a week long massage upon my return.
2. I did not bring a brush. You’ll have to excuse me if I come back with dreadlocks.
3. I did not bring tea bags. The British heritage in me is softly crying.
And that’s it! Not too bad, really. So basically, still patiently waiting for everything to go horrendously wrong.

At the moment I’m on the train to Copenhagen and I can already warn you this post is going to be more rambling than anything. I had two hours to spend in Stockholm and the night on the ferry. Shoutout to Valerie who kept me company across the sea! And to my ukulele. Excellent company. I’m not going to lie here, I did not actually process my leaving till I boarded the ship. Suddenly I felt hopelessly small with my massive bag on my back. That was just too bad for me, so I soldiered up to my cabin, stored my belongings, and set off to explore the boat. Waving good bye to Helsinki was a liberating moment above all and, whether rational thinking or not, I believed here that “the world is your oyster!” Now it was the city and my doubts that felt small. There really is something about a sea spray and wind in your hair that lifts the spirit.

Here, have a glittering sunset.

And thank you Stockholm! I’m rather impressed. The weather was beautiful and perfect and glorious, I found the central station straight in front of my face, and I reserved my seat on the train from a particularly good looking Swedish man (eyelashes were batted but that’s all; I couldn’t stay). Seriously, this city! Quaint bridges and churches all around, perfect flower arrangements aligning the streets, ridiculously attractive people popping up left and right! No joke, every other person walking by could have jumped straight off the catwalk. Alright, back to more… relevant details.

IMG_1666.JPGMy ukulele and I shared a moment in the city. Featuring Bob Marley – Three Little Birds.

So now I’m headed to Amsterdam, my bottom getting numb, my mind at peace. About time for a nap while the pretty countryside whizzes past.

IMG_1667.JPGTo stay true to my pages, here is my lovely coffee break before catching the train. I ordered it in Swedish and the lady didn’t even look at me like I was crazy at all! I count that as a success.




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